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Say goodbye to printed
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What's Adiume?

No matter if you're a family father who wants to record his continous expenses or a business woman who needs to keep proofs of her business trip: Collecting and keeping paper receipts gets on everyone's nerves. That's why we created Adiume!

Adiume is an easy-to-use cross plattform application that takes care of all your receipts. We digitize all the paper receipts you receive right at the point of sale.

Accordingly, you neither need to scan them later nor must you make sure that they stick in your wallet. Everywhere you go your receipts follow you - and due to cloud backup even if you lose your device none of the important receipts is lost.

Great, isn't it?

Our values

Adiume eases your buying experience at the point of sale. When you're shopping you instantly receive the receipt data after you bought your goods via our free app - and due to it's digital you profit from these features:

Never again you need to care about receipts!

The technology

At the point of sale an additional device will handle the transmission of receipt data. When holding your mobile device against it a digital receipt will be issued that your mobile receives. Thereby a paper receipt won't even be printed.

Technology is protected by law through industrial property rights.

We'll inform you when we're ready!

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